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Coil Tech / U.S. Chiller Services Offers Chiller Services throughout the Middle East and Gulf Performed by American Service Engineers

Whether it's the Chillers in an Office Building, Hospital, Refinery, Power Plant, or Production Facility, you can not afford unexpected Chiller failures. No one in the industry gets you up and on-line faster than U. S. Chiller services, and U.S. Chiller Services will keep you up and on- line with one of our Chiller Service Agreements that are tailored to best meet your facility's chiller service needs.

Any of our dependable and effective Chiller Service Agreements will guarantee the successful operation of your facility. You will benefit from our consultative approach to analyzing your chilled water system. Having U.S. Chiller as your preferred Chiller service provider will assure you of the highest level of equipment reliability as well as provide to you the most highly skilled and trained chiller specialist in the industry. In addition your equipment will be constantly upgraded and modernized with the latest technology. A U.S. Chiller Service Agreement will insure that equipment life will be prolonged.


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